There are over 28 Million local small businesses in the U.S. alone…and a majority of them desperately need marketing help!


As a Local Partner with Local Business Spotlight, you can help small businesses in your area to prosper from the Internet, by helping them build an Internet presence, gain customers/clients, and ultimately increase their revenue!


Local Business Spotlight is a unique local small business directory that offers more than the usual listings, ratings, reviews, and maps.

Oh, we offer those tools as well, but we go one BIG step further by publishing one-on-one interviews with the business owners.

They love telling their story and talking about their business! In fact, they welcome the opportunity with open arms because it’s a chance to tell their story and have it published to the world for free.


Four Reasons Why Interviews Are VERY POWERFUL:

1. They help consumers learn more about businesses that are available in their area.

For the consumer, what better way is there to get to know more about the businesses in their area, than through hearing from the business owners themselves?

2. More exposure. The more exposure a local business has on the web the higher probability the chances they’ll be discovered by searchers.

3. The Interview content helps the website rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages(SERP’s).

By adding fresh, quality content, to a website on a regular basis, it tells Google and other search platforms that the site is a valuable source for the information their searchers are looking for. The result, a higher rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s.)

4. Since the Interviews are free, they help our partners to get through the Gatekeeper, and build a powerful relationship with the business owner, right from the start!

Business Owners are very busy people. As a result, one of the biggest challenges for B2B sales professionals is to get past the Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper is the person(s) the business owner has instructed to handle the less important tasks of answering the phone, reading emails, etc….AND turning away  sales people!

When you advise them this is NOT a sales call, it’s a FREE Interview request, everything changes. They are more likely to pass the message on to the business owner.


How Much Money Can You Earn?


It’s entirely up to you, and dependent on how much time and effort you apply.

There are 4 revenue streams available on the website itself. As a Partner, you can create an exceptional income. And, it’s a recurring income, month after month!
(Each directory edition has the potential for over $500,000 annual ad revenue when sold out at full value)

In addition to the revenue which is available on the website, there are many Additional Revenue Sources Available.


How big can you dream!



A partner has exclusive rights to the city/town they are contracted for. No other partners can conduct business in that city/town.


The Partner keeps ALL the Revenue generated! YES! 100% of the revenue comes to you.


There is an annual license fee of $1000, plus a $100/month maintenance fee, for the use of a Local Business Spotlight Directory Edition for a contracted city/town.

For further inquiries please contact Jeff to request a Phone Call!

Local Business Spotlight Partner Overview

First, take a look at our latest edition. It shows the basic layout that will be on every site, in every area of the US. It includes a directory with business listings, maps, ratings and reviews.

Our Carlisle, PA edition, which is the first area we developed, includes a number of previously conducted interviews with local business owners. This is the uniqueness of our directory! View the Interviews here.

Next, click here to view the 4 ways you can earn money with the Local Business Spotlight Directory edition for your local area. If we don’t yet have one for your local area, we’ll build it! (Grab your area now before someone else does!)

Partners will receive a PDF guide on how to set up and carry out the interviews. Plus, it will include training on how to start the monetization process with an “irresistible offer” when you have them approve the final interview copy.

Although the interviews on the model site are in text form, you may also offer video interviews for those business owners who are interested in that type of platform. This is a great way to get the interview to appear on page one of Google search results faster, since they will also be uploaded on YouTube!

For further inquiries please Contact Jeff to request a Phone Call!

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